Essential Oils for Emotional Clearing: Achieve Emotional Well-Being with Aromatics

So much of the study of aromatherapy seems to be focused on the physical body that we forget fragrances can also affect our emotional well-being. Just as the body can go out of balance and manifest physical illnesses, our emotional being can also manifest a myriad of feelings that may not reflect a healthy state of balance. We cannot split us up into body, soul, and spirit for we are one. So if we are using essential oils to bring the physical body back to a place of balance and harmony, are we not also affecting mind, emotions, and spirit?

Essential Oils for Emotional Clearing looks at the many ways essential oils can restore, enhance, and transform us for the better. Odors that carry a positive association can help bring about a change of attitude by allowing the individual to re-experience pleasure or joy. There is no doubt that certain scents can evoke powerful personal memories especially memories, from childhood. Since one’s emotional state has a direct influence on the ability of a virus to enter the cells of the body, using essential oils to cultivate a positive mental attitude can do much to prevent the onset of disease at its roots. In this light, essential oils provide the ideal components of preventative medicine.

This book will examine how essential oils affect our body/mind/spirit complex through history to our present day. Thoughts, feelings and emotions are defined and what happiness is in the new field of positive psychology. Then the author addresses how essential oils contribute to a sense of well-being and happiness can actually lead to flourishing in life. In the second chapter, essential oils are examined as to which ones can lead to a positive mind, mood, and emotion. The third chapter looks at the energy of feelings and thoughts and how they can be changed from the negative to the positive. Basic destructive states of mind/emotions like stress and depression, anxiety and worry, mental fatigue and a whole host of negative emotions are grouped along with those essential oils that can make a difference in one’s life. This is definitely a great resource whether you are an aromatherapist or a mental health counselor or health care professional.